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Colors are powerful and used in celebrations across cultures. Dias de los Muertos is a Mesoamerican tradition that celebrates life, or the lives of those who have died, and uses bright colors rich with symbolism in decorations. In India, a colorful, traditional folk art known as Rangoli consists of creating vibrant patterns during events and festivals such as Diwali or weddings. Across many cultures, the bright, rainbow flag is a modern symbol of equal rights and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

This Friday, April 12th, 3Dot Art Gallery will be featuring colorful art in different styles from several artists. Come enjoy bright and cheerful art that vibrates with positive energy and brings joy to the spirit!

Guest artists include mother and daughter Bhavna and Komal Bhatia from India. As an adult, Komal moved to California and Bhavna has visited every year for the past 10 years. They love to travel, sightsee, and make art together. This will be the first gallery show for each.

Another featured artist is Heather “Bama” Blaikie. Alabama is an artist and design professional with 10+ years of experience in art, home decor, and fashion accessories. She has shown her art around the Bay Area and is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Meet the gallery owners!

Sara Edge

Wearable Art | Mixed Media

Edge, a Ph.D in Marine Biology, hails from Georgia. She has created a new type of wearable art, identified the May 3Dot Grand Opening as, “A collection of many imaginative and fun-loving forms of art involving a variety of flavors.” Her speciality in unique art jewelry reflects her love of ocean life and nature. Her speciality is in metal, woodworking and painting. Her unique art jewelry reflects her love of ocean life, nature and whimsy.

Dave Sylvester

Illustrator | Painter

Sylvester, born and raised in Honolulu and San Diego said, “We are about diversity, acceptance, learning and fun.” He added, ” Our goal is to bring artists, intellectuals and fun loving individuals together.” With over 20 years of experience in graphic design and illustration, Dave has a distinctive sense of developing eye catching paintings and illustrations ranging from bizarre to distinctive character development. Creatures are everywhere for inspiration!

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3Dot Art Gallery

Our Gallery is right behind Lucky 13 bar off Park Ave. and Encinal. See you soon!